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    Gallery No. 5

Gallery No. 5 exhibits Hindu deities like Shiva in different forms, Vishnu, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Agni, Parvati, Navagrahs (nine planets) with Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati. A panel depicting Navagrahas with Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesa is also remarkable. Shiva as Bhairava (aggressive form of the Lord) is one of the finest Brahmanical images found at Sarnath. A colossal Andhakasurvadha (killing of demon Andhaka) image of Shiva in his terrific form is also noteworthy.

Acc No. 39

Image of Shiva

Medieval, 10 - 11th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 320x125x55 cms.

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Acc No. 535

Sculpture showing headless Agni

Gupta, c. 5th-6thcent. C.E.

Measurement: 130x78x26 cms.

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Acc No. 608

Fragment of a pilaster

Medieval, c. 11 - 12th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 95x43x18 cms.

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Acc No. 619

Slab showing Uma Maheshwar

Early Medieval, c. 9th- 10thcent. C.E.

Measurement: 82x62x27 cms.

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Acc No. 621

Lintel with nine Planet

Early Medieval, c. 9 - 10th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 58x254x53 cms.

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Acc No. 631

Face stone

Medieval, c. 11 - 12thcent. C.E.

Measurement: 55x92x24 cms.

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Acc No. 6618

Bhairava (Terrific form of Shiva)

6th Cent C.E.

Measurement: 78x38x22 cms.

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Acc No. 6696

Lintel with Navagraha panel

10th- 11th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 36x138x26 cms.

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Acc No. 6812

Architectural fragment

5th cent.C.E.

Measurement: 100x42x28 cms.

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