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    Gallery No. 1

Situated on the northern most end, it displays images of Buddha, Vajrapani, Bodhisattva Padamapani holding stem of full bloomed lotus, Nilakantha Lokeshvara with a cup of poison in hands and Maitraya, the future Buddha. The most notable sculpture of Sarnath School of Art in this museum is undoubtedly the image of preaching Buddha dated to Gupta period. This image is remarkable example of the form of compassionate one in its spirituality and inner- bliss. The wheel (dharmachakra) occupies the central position on the pedestal. Figure of deer are placed on either side of wheel denoting the place as deer park. The figures of five disciples to whom Buddha preached first sermon are depicted along with a lady and child on the lower part of the image. Other images of seated and standing Buddha in different postures displayed in this gallery are also very remarkable examples of Sarnath School of art.

Acc No. 252

Image of Bodhisattva

Gupta, c. 5th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 134x69x23 cms.

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Acc No. 262

Panel showing Buddha's life

Gupta, c. 5th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 130x37x17 cms.

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Acc No. 340

Image of Buddha

Gupta, 5th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 155x87x27 cms.

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Acc No. 5512

Buddha Figure

5th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 103x46x20 cms.

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Acc No. 6637

Image of Vajrapani

Medieval, 11th cent. C.E.

Measurement: 132x72x20 cms.

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